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@John Hartley wrote:

As a previous R&T rep. I have electronic copies of all measured Wayfarer forms. 182 has never been measured; but then only about 20% of Wayfarers ever have. You only need a measurement certificate if you intend to race and if you are really keen then you can get the boat measured by an official measurer.

I beg to differ. As a matter of law, a measured boat is also a registered boat (registered with the association). In case of theft proof of ownership is easy and also anyone wishing to buy the stolen boat has the option to check the current ownership of the boat. Unregistered boat owners on the other hand, may find it hard to prove that their boat is theirs once it is found. The new owner may have bought it in good faith, in which case getting your boat back can be very complicated if not impossible.
The situation is similar to cars that have registrations too (and also license plates). This is the reason the association always checks ownership changes prior to issuing a new certificate.

Then there is the value to consider. Boats with a certificate tend to have a higher value. Somehow the public seams to think a certified boat is better or at least well maintained, in general I believe this to be true.

I think that these are two good reasons to get and/or maintain the certificate on your boat, even when you are not racing.