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Hi Folks

I’ve had an interesting day. I think I’ve managed to seal my rear tank. In the photo below you can see a light patch in the gutter. That’s the “repair” to the damaged spot. I also had to remove and re-sikaflex the inspection hatch. I’ll know tomorrow if that has worked, but today with tape over that hatch I counted 30s for 5 inches to 2 inches of pressure so I’m calling that a pass.

Then onto the front tank. Not able to get any pressure at all, so I knew there must be a leak somewhere. Took out the front benches and crawled in to have a look at the seam along the inside of the hull above the tank. A couple of bits of damage found that look like they match some crazing in the gel coat on the outside. My guess is it’s had a bump there in the past. I put some soapy water on and bingo….

I’ve poured some resin into these cracks and I’m hoping it will have set by tomorrow so I can try again.