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Where, when and why will you sail the singlehander?
For improving your close racing skills, at almost any club, it has to be a Laser. For comfort and enjoyment, anything but a Laser!
Solo is a great compromise, and has some good club fleets around. Very cheap is available, But they can be expensive if you want to hit the front of the racing fleet.
Phantom: you would need to be heavier (UNLESS you only intend to sail singlehanded in light winds inland when the Wayfarer is too heavy). Maybe a Solution? But little or no racing fleets at a local club level.
Vareo: GREAT fun down wind if you have enough space to be able to pull the kite up and drop it again when you want to. “Interesting” fun trying to race it around the buoys against other boats!
To potter about up narrow creeks al lon your own away from everyone else: maybe a Gull.
What else is sailed at your local club?