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Just to remind everyone that there has never been any question of umpiring a Wayfarer event. All the discussion has been about ensuring that the chairman of the protest committee, who, for a National Championships of an ISAF International class, should be a National Judge, is of the pro-active sub-species of the genus homo refereeus! In other words, someone who goes out on the water in a RIB, sees what is happening on the water, talks to the Race Committee and, if problem arises, has an input into finding a solution that does not involve competitors and race officials sending the evening in the protest room.

Big Al’s posting is eloquent – there was no protest, there was no pressure on him to retire. My intervention was aimed at preventing, in the future, a messy protest. Big Al’s decision to retire was a gentlemanly and sportsmanlike gesture.

On the subject of a small levy for events – a class association has a numbe of functions that require funding. Using a levy system is a valid way of sourcing such funding, as long as the association provides a service. For instance the Irish Team Racing Association (with which I am involved) charges 10 euros per team at team racing events. In return we assist (eg write) with race documents (NOR ans SIs) and recruit umpires. No organiser has yet objected.

In order to advance the debate, may I offer my services at a Circuit event sometime this year so that a wider group of racers may see for themselves how we can help improve racing (in return for being collected from nearest airport and a night “chez l’habitant” that is a club member)