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I’ve got the leak between the gunwale and the rear bouancy chamber that Swiebertje refers to, as does The Book on page 17 (fourth edition). The Book says that if joint has become detached then it will need to be repaired professionally. This seems to be my situation, as there is distinct play between the gunwale and the tank.

I tried the smoke pellet test, and found that smoke came out round the seals of the hatch and at this weak point on the gunwale. It was impossible to get any over pressure at all by blowing into the rear chamber (even after I’d put the inner bungs in 🙂 ).

I happen to have some Sikaflex, so I guess I can try your suggestion, Swiebertje, but the surfaces are so complicated that I am not optimistic of fixing the problem.

There is other correspondence on replacing the seals, and where to get new seal material from. Mine look in reasonable condition – but do they just get tired and go slack? It’s obviouse from the smoke test that when the hatch cover is clamped well down, the join still leaks. Is that proof that the seal has lost its umph?