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Another couple of simple tips!

AA carry a plastic beer or milk crate in the boat to use as a step when rigging. The mast is best put on when the boat and trailer are hitched to the car as it can’t tip up. You can stand in the back of the boat to start levering the mast up. The crate is used as a step to save the mudguards or a difficult move into the boat!

BB carry lots of insulating tape to tie up shrouds/halyards etc to mast when trailing – it just cuts off on arrival. I also use a mast foot bag or wrap/tape the base with polythene so that I don’t lose vital mast foot fittings and the halyard ends are all covered

CC fasten light rope from tow hitch vertically up to mast (clove hitch taped on). It cuts down mast whip when trailing and damage to mast/car roof