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@Colin Parkstone wrote:


Do you use twinning lines on the spi sheets.

I use them and one thing we do in a blow when gybying from run to run is to pull down both twin lines before the gybe.

Gybe, then put out the pole on the new guy and when settled release the twin line on the old guy.

This keeps the pull from the spinnaker to the middle of the boat,not from the rear one side and middle from the other.


Again this is a tricky compromise.

As we sail on a lake with predominantly light / shifty conditions I’m not a huge fan of twinning lines, as the weight hanging on the sheet makes the sail harder to set, so we just have a side entry clam cleat on each side deck to hook the guy into.

So our drill is actually to release the guy from the cleat and leave both sheets flying from the back of the boat during the gybe, which is fine in light airs but hair-raising to say the least in a blow!

In the past I’ve taken the line that we sail so little in strong winds that it isn’t worth worrying about, but then again these days we tend to search out what windy days we do have, as they are the days we most enjoy sailing. Getting reckless in my old age perhaps!

So I’m actually pondering about some sort of compromise solution, perhaps having a lightweight snap shackle on the end of the twinning line so it can be quickly taken off the sheet when the weather is light and just snapped onto the guy as needed.

I agree that being able to “barber haul” both sheet and guy when gybing makes things a lot easier in strong winds.