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Colin Parkstone

I am not sure about this Steve,

On the plus side it would be in line with other champs that have on water judging.
From how you have put it, is this going to be learning thing when you say we will be invited or a protest with a proper court and hangings if your found guilty.

If were going to have a talk about it after each days racing I fear that as we are a social group we will not feel like it every evening ??

As for cost,again i am not sure that in these hard times we should be taking on a greater level of costing !!!

What your suggest maybe a good move for the class and in time for Worlds for next year.

My doubt is that the champs at Falmouth is not a cheap one already and the added costs for them may not have good timing.

Also, will this cost be on all entries as I think that the non racing people may not see this added cost on them as well in the same light.

The class funds are not,as the resent rundown shows as healthy as we have been in the past and I have no problem with that !,
what I think I am saying is that we have no spare monies for this to come from the class funds so it could only come from the smaller number of people racing to pay for this, 😕

Maybe people could put there views on the forum rather than just vote Yes or No so as to see why they may vote a certain way please.

Me at the moment ? I Abstain!!