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Hi all, particularly Daves,
I just bought a Garmin 72 which I suspect is similar to the Garmin 12, ie “non- mapping” but with the option to get a cable to link to the PC, and then (according to Garmin) you need a software disc called Mapsource Waypoint Manager. As a superb value £80 toy I could be tempted to buy the £20ish cable but then its another £20 plus for the disc but THEN would I still be typing in co-ordinates? And would I have to be spending further cash on electronic maps, or is it easy to integrate with say Google Earth, (navigating on land). I’m more than happy manually entering co-ordinates at present but if I spend a further £40 or so do I get a massive practicality gain?
Dave Mac
PS You can’t tell I just did my Day Skipper Theory. I also invested in the Imray 2000 series charts of the Solent, after the OS maps last year Bob). Winter dream time.