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Try a garden center or an aquarium shop. They tend to have hose and T-connectors. Or else a hardware shop may be able to help.

All you need is some clear plastic hose, the same size as a garden hose. (Small hoses have a capillary effect that prevents proper measurement). A T- or Y-connector. And a small board where you fix the U-part of the hose to and that has a zero marker (line) and the upper and lower markers painted on them. Mine has two parallel pieces that allow me to shift the board over the U-part of the hose to zero the device. (If it is permanently fixed you need to ad and remove water until it shows zero). The boar also has some string that allows me to hang it vertically. At the end of the hose I used self vulcanizing tape to create a plug that (more or less) fits a Wayfarer bung.

For me it was a matter of looking in my garage and improvise with what was there, in my pile of old junk.