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Colin Parkstone

Some ideas for the above that have popped into my head,!!

If your looking for comfort on the side benches,does the sheet and track have to be on the seat, how about cutting the genoa to a shape for the best position of the cleat ???

That position may be forward on the benches in the area forward of the shroud line across the boat.

Yes!! The sail plan may change but your be alot more comfy!! and if your sailmaker is like mine they would be happy to help!

Or how about putting an inline sheave in the gap between the bench slats and having the sheet lead to a cleat UNDER the bench. Most fittings companies make a cleat platform to hold a cleat in a horizontal plane.

If all this work on the side benches cuts into the woodwork,consider making a compleat new set for the boat that suit you and then will not destroy the standard set.