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Colin Parkstone

A couple of point of help I hope friends,

Howard, If the picture of the genoa tracks was taken in the direction of the bow, I think you will find that the fairlead and cleat is on the wrong side as the thicker end is made for the sheet!! May be a bit easier for the crew that way!!

Forbes, When drilling and screwing self tapping stainless screws into gell and GRP laminates, may I recommend that you first drill the pilot hole then countersink that hole to the overall width of the screws shank.
This hopfully stops the fine thread of the screw from lifting and braking out the gell around the screw which is a common problem with Gel.

If you have to put a backing pad behind any fitting which is hard to get to and glue,try this!!

Drill small pilot holes through the fitting to be fixed and also right through the gel and laminate.

Pass string through these holes and pull to the nearest access.

Pass the string through the backing pad in holes drilled the same distance apart as the holes in the deck, panel or fitting.

Then put glue ect on the pad,pull through to the fixing point and hold it behind the fittings hole till the glue has dried.

Cut off string and screw fitting into gel and pad.

Hope this helps ????

C P 😕