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I’ve just read the Falmouth Dinghy Week NOR. I will do my best to restrain my comments:

– the NOR is a mess, there are many things in it that have no place in a NOR.

A NOR should only contain information that a competitor needs to decide whether or not he will compete in an event, information that enables him to register and let’s him know where and when he has to be at the event venue. Anything else should not be in the NOR, but may be contained in briefing notes or additional information. The NOR is part of the rules that govern an event, the number of barbecues, or the fascinating fact that the courses are intended to give variety and good racing are not pertinent to an NOR. Can a competitor protest if he finds that the course set by the race committee is boring?

Writing an NOR is now an incredibly simple operation:

1. Open Appendix K of yor Racing Rules of Sailing 2009 -2012 (or download it from the ISAF website)

2. Copy

3. Fill in the blanks

4 Delete the paragraphs that are not needed

5. Re read

6 Print

The whole process takes about 30 minutes, once the organisers are agreed on the details.

If I can offer any assistance in preparing the NOR or the SIs please do not hesitate to contact me.