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How can we keep away from what is always a sunny, warm, superb sailing scene? With company to match! Ah, the old team – a bit older, but still none the wiser, …
Anyway, Tony has already booked his accommodation and we should have a new Mk 4 shortly (no name or number yet, probably no 8 ‘cos the premium’s too high, but at least we’ve agreed a colour). And Bobbie and I are also expecting to camp at Cosawes in style, once we agree on a colour for our new(ish) campervan, preferably with working clutch, etc.. In fact, as Bobbie will be finally retired, we may spend a bit more time down there behaving like the wrinkly grockles we are.
It’s also pretty certain that John and Suzanne in Cathessa will be there, too.
Any ideas for the new boat, preferably not too rude? Finally Lost It? Robbed Again?