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Hi everyone!

I’d like to confirm that here on Adriatic we regard grapnel as a no-no. It doesn’t grip in mud, and likes to get stuck on rocky bottom. Though, some fisherman with small boats, carry something similar to a grapnel for temporary use – but it is a non-folding type, and the flukes are made of wire normally used for reinforcing the concrete structures. So if flukes get stuck in rocks, a hard pull will bend them, and the thing will free itself. So as mentioned – only for temporary use, and not Wayfarer friendly.

The plastimo anchor (the first one, not the “grip” model) looks to me as something which might have difficulties catching a grip if it doesn’t fall on the bottom in perfect position. Might be wrong though but take a look at this thing:


I suppose they’ve put the ring onto the anchor just for that reason. Don’t miss to enjoy the sunny video of the Magellan Strait at the bottom of the page 😀

Best regards to all!