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I have the anchor in a bucket under the front bench on the starboard side. This bucket is secured to the boat by a short line to the bush at the front of the toestrap. The anchor and its rope (should I say warp?) are held in the bucket by shockcord

Sorry to change the direction of this thread, but it seems to have gone quiet anyway. I was interested in the above, as we’re considering getting an anchor for our boat. It would be used for day sailing on Windermere; so no tides to worry about, but it is a substantial body of water.

I was initially leaning towards the folding grapnel type for ease of storage, but I’m not sure it would be up to the job. I would like to keep it as small and light as I can, and I’m now thinking of a 3.5 kg Britany anchor ( ).

I’d be grateful for advice from people with experience of anchoring Wayfarers. Would a folding grapnel be suitable? Any other recommendations? What weight does it need to be? Do I need a chain between the anchor and the warp and, if so, what is the minimum length needed?