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@SeaHolly wrote:

….. and maybe to twin the controls to the thwart at a later date ……

Since the control line as shown in Bob’s picture, is near the mast it will never be out of reach, at least not to the crew. The block, that is in line with the cleat, allows the control line to be pulled from almost any position, even from the hiked position, provided the line is long enough.

On my new boat I still have the outhaul control, as it came from the builder, on the boom similar to Bob’s. I never found a good enough reason to add the extra lines for dual (thwart) controls. Unlike the kicker, the outhaul isn’t adjusted often. Usually you set it once, depending on the wind conditions and never touch it again for the remainder of the day. Only when there is a serious weather change you may want to adjust it. Keep it simple 😉 .

By the way, on my boat the outhaul is reversed from Bob’s. From clew to tack (from the rear end to the mast), the control line comes from the internal block, then exits through a hole in the bottom of the boom, then goes through a cleat and then through a block positioned about 4 or 5 inches aft of the mast. I have a clamCleat (brand name) that neatly fits over a drilled hole giving it a nice finish. I am not sure what type it is it may be a CL211MK1AN, I would need to check on my boat but its too cold right now.