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There is useful information on the wayfarer ‘institute of technology’ site, see:



(If you can’t make these work, go to http://www.wayfarer-international.org/WIT/WITindex2.html and then click on ‘wayfarer rigging tips’ then select the two spinnaker articles on that page)

You’ve posted to racing, so do you intend to race? I cruise so I don’t care about a few extra seconds in launching and retrieving my spinnaker. So I don’t have spinnaker bags – I drop the spinnaker into a small sail bag I can move from side to side, and keep ready there or stow under the deck (but still keep sheets & halyard attached), and I store the pole in the boat (with my oars). So you might want to try the simplest rig possible to start with, then add pole storage and bags later. Of course racers may justifiably disagree about these ‘savings’.

On my MkII, I bring spi halyard and pole uphaul back to the helm, but the pole downhaul is simply a double shockcord to the mast at deck level. There is a previous discussion on this forum about how to run sheets from the rear deck (my block is as far back as possible, just in front of the handle cutout) to the thwart. I have managed to run mine under the gunwale, but there is foam bouyancy and a reinforcing web that may prevent this, depending on the boat, others have had to run via a turning block on the floor and then to the thwart.

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