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I too have a Hartley which I enjoy using for cruising, particularly on UKWA cruising events. There is no doubt that the smooth lines of our boats makes tying things in a bit more of a challenge! I don’t claim to have anything like all the answers, but on the basis of what I’ve done to date, I offer 4 things that may be helpful:
1: My boat has jib tracks that are held on by bolts through the front benches. On each side I have fitted an ‘eye mount’ (Pinnel and Bax part R2849 will show you a picture) on one of the bolts underneath the bench. and I have threaded a length of shock cord through. I use this to hold the paddles up under the starboard bench, and all sorts of things on the port side.
2: I have the anchor in a bucket under the front bench on the starboard side. This bucket is secured to the boat by a short line to the bush at the front of the toestrap. The anchor and its rope (should I say warp?) are held in the bucket by shockcord that is fixed to the bucket, criss crosse the top of it and postively clips on to the anchor. The fixed (standing?) end of the anchor rope is tied round the tabernacle.
3: My boat has the optional stern ‘luggage box’. If I am planning to savour the delights of boat tenting (using a gloriously stylish Mk IV boat tent – yes – I am biased), I leave the luggage box at home, because there is then oodles of room for sleeping without the thwart causing too much difficulty. This means that I lose the luggage storage capacity, so I have drilled a couple of slots in the rubber blocks that Hartleys provide fixed to the transom as part of the holding down fittings for the luggage box. I then use straps threaded through these slots to secure drybags firmly against the transom.
4: I put loads of drybags in the area under the foredeck. My preference is loads of smallish ones rather than a couple of whoppas – easier to pull in and out and to pull out just the bit you want. I have fixed a bit of rope (lanyard?) to the tabernacle which I thread through the handles of all the drybags and clip back on to itself. If we capsized my hope is that the drybags stay jammed under the foredeck, but if they make a bid for freedom. the lanyard will at least keep them tied to the boat.

Final offer of help…..I have a photo that I am not willing to post on the forum, for fear of misleading people. I took it with the help of one of the many marvellous people at Hartleys (Tim actually). It shows one particular ‘inner hull’ with all its bits of wood attached…ie where you could screw fittings into that particular boat. It is even dimensioned with measurements from that particular transom. The photo has to come with some massive health warnings. It was one of the early boats, so before any transom scribe lines, and things will amost certainly have changed. Also, it is not your boat, it is very much my amateur photo, and it is in no way an official photo from the builder. If you want it on this basis, please send me a private message and I will happily send you the photo, just please please be fully aware I am not saying that your ‘bits of wood’ will be in the same place. It may, however, give you a hint where to look!

Final point……I will have the Mk IV boat tent and my boat at this year’s UKWA cruising conference on 24th / 25th April. My experience is that the event is a very enjoyable and informative couple of days in the company of cheery Wayfarer sailors. All UKWA members are made very very welcome.

Hope this helps. As with anything to do with a Wayfarer, there are umpteen ways to tackle any particular challenge, and I look forward to this thread revealing all sorts of things that we will all find useful!!