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Tony Green

I and a number of others at my sailing club use DAM watersports (Andi Riley) – he is a one man outfit (active sailor and canoeist), and only supplies made to measure drysuits.
His line on breathable is that it only breaths when it is dry and is less hard wearing. He does a Hybrid breathable top / hard wearing lower part suite which I have used for a number of years and have found it much better than the non breathable it replaced. Wearing a breathable spray top over the drysuit has helped when you are just dealing with spray. He only offered back zips when I bought mine as he has found the front zip unreliable, but does offer a fly zip as an option which has been well worth the money (£50 quite a few years ago). He also offers a good repair service.

Hope that helps!

If you do go for a dry suit, the clothes you wear under it are as important as the suit – good thermal layers.

A quick google of DAM Watersports will find many appreciative comments but no website.
Contact details that I can find for Dam Watersports are: Andi Riley on 01234 267314 or email damwatersports@damw.freeserve.co.uk

I have no association with DAM watersports other than being a satisfied customer.