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Originally, I was quite puzzled with this thread suggesting that the boat with 17 sq m asymmetric goes slower then with a 13 sq m traditional spinnaker. But recently, searching for info on something completely different (strong wind techniques) I came upon something which perhaps sheds some light on this subject. It is a short explanation on the importance of different use of the centerboard with different spinnakers, posted by match race expert Tome Bašić. I translated it into English as well as I could and you can read it at:

From this, perhaps it could follow that actually there is nothing wrong with the asymmetric on a Wayfarer. But the performance can be diminshed by:

– using techiniques appropriate for traditional spinnaker on a boat with asymmetric
– sailing asymmetrics against traditional spinnakers in winds which are not strong enough to get the boat on a plane, particulary if a racing course is “stick” shaped (straight downwind/upwind).

I apologize for messing in the racer’s playground, having no experience in it, and having very limited experience with spinnakers. But I wanted to mention this because I wasn’t previously aware of the importance of having centerboard down with the asymmetric, and I am sure some other Wayfarer World sailors might have missed this idea – I know of at least one popular and comprehensive DVD sailing tutorial which is in all other respects excellent but misses to point out this particular idea.

Either way, the asymmetric is an excellent and simple sail for cruising and I am happy to hear that the production of World isn’t killed yet.

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P.S. By the way, to further back the idea of not disposing with the asymmetric, I’d like to mention our Commodore telling me that he has never sailed anything faster then on one occasion with some Danish helm, himself on a trapeze and the asymmetric up in his World…