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Thank you both Swiebertje and Dave.

The fixings don’t look like Phillips screws to me; the holes in the heads look quite round, but then they don’t look like pop rivets either. The boat has a Small Craft label on it – does any body know what fittings that they used back in the early seventies?

I shall take you’re advice Swiebertje and drill off the heads then attempt to remove the shaft of the fittings with a pair of grip lock pliers.

My main concern is for the fittings on the bow and stern keel bands. I’m not planning to remove the keel bands entirely and so getting to the shafts of the fittings under the existing keel bands may prove difficult…

I hadn’t considered hammering the shafts of the fittings into the keel. It’s good to have an alternative if the mole grips don’t work 😉 .

Thank you very much for your link to the article on “Metals in a Marine Environment” Dave. It’s an excellent and amusing article and useful for anybody considering any metal fittings for their boat. I’ve always considered it wise to use the same types of metals together when bonding things on the boat . However this article makes it very clear why…

Kind Regards
Ken Barker