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Very interesting comments – that does seem to be a fair few problems with a new unit. Here are my experiences –

I bought a new Bramber combi early ’07 as it was available locally and I needed one urgently. (I had previously dealt with Bramber very satisfactorily as they had built a custom trailer for my Nacra 6 cat a few years back which I had been very impressed with).

I had originally wanted 10” wheels but it came with 8”. I was advised that they could easily be upgraded but I have not pursued this as, unless there’s anything going on that I’m not aware of, they seem to be performing ok and are completely comfortable at normal motorway speeds. One of the tyres has just worn down, but we have covered a good few thousand miles (we do trail with minimum weight in the boat – one return trip from Gloucester to Argyll consuming a set of tyres does seem a bit extreme). We have not had any punctures with the 8” wheels.

I bought a castor wheel for the launching trolley, which has proved totally invaluable, and added a winch to the trailer. I bought a jockey wheel but have never fitted it as I really cant see it is needed.

All in all I am very satisfied with both the trailer and the trolley and in particular how they work together. Both are reliable and perform their respective roles without any hassle and I cant ask for more than that. I may one day upgrade to 10” wheels but at the moment it isn’t top of the priority list.

Interested to hear of anyone else’s experiences.