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Can you please consider cruising Carrick Roads, St Mawes/Percuil/Helford etc next August (8-15) during Falmouth Week. Using Restronguet as base along with the Race fleet for the Nationals. This formula worked exceptionally well in 2000 enabling integration between the two fleets, involving families and creating a social dimension which we don’t normally see.
There is plenty to see with all the different fleets out racing. This year they had the superyachts and I suspect they will try something similar to draw the spectators in 2009.
The option for cruisers is thus to be where there is plenty going on or to disappear into one of the many splendid Creeks and sample the delights of proper Cornish pasties and a pint of Cornish Ale at one of many waterside pubs.
There can be no better place in England, all you need is decent weather and I have ordered some!