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The sails are a main and genoa which cost me approximately £600 new, from a company called Insails. Yes they are budget end of the market but they really are nice quality. Allegedly they were designed by an ex North Sails designer, how true this is I don’t know, but in any case they set beautifully – the boat goes upwind virtually hands free with them on.

I realise that having a proper “name” on the sails would clearly make a huge difference to the value of them but nevertheless I still think these are an absolute bargain for anyone looking for a good value set of sails for club racing.

I did enquire about advertising on the class website but thought I’d try ebay first as it is pretty cheap to list and clearly reaches a very large audience. Indeed this seemed to work for the boat – I was inundated with enquiries and the first person to see it gave me the asking price, but alas I was equally amazed by the number of people making cheeky offers for the sails, which made me wonder whether I was being way too optimistic in my assessment of their value.

Anyway, using the formula as kindly defined by JordanChris they should sell for £50 less than my asking price, so maybe that’s not so far out.