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Colin Parkstone

Mike and Steve, Thanks for the good work your doing to keepp the Racing going,hard job I am sure!!

Something that has crossed my mind, (No I have not lost it YET!!! )

Next year is the season for the Worlds Qualifiers, them being in England.

1) Do we need to have to Qualify for the Worlds.Should we have it open ?

2) Does the venue have a top number limit that would require us to have Qualification Events.

3)If we do not have Qualifiers, will the open circuit suffer in numbers as in the past it has been a good year for turnouts?

I put this on the forum to open it out for the members to make comment,what do we all think??

I myself have liked the way we have had to put in some effort to go to the Worlds,its been needed to help when a trip in a sponsored container had to be prioritised.

Also it does help the open curcuit as can be seen by the numbers in the past.

Give us your views,

CP 😀