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@Dave Mac wrote:

Thought a photo might be quicker but lets see if its worked.
Inspected all the blocks and they are running free so going to play with the sail in the track. The line doesn’t look too bad to me

If the outhaul is rigged the exact way your sketch shows then someone has indeed made a bit of a mistake! The block inside the boom is actually halving the purchase instead of doubling it.

Compare it carefully with the first sketch posted and you will see the difference – in essence the block in the boom needs to be fixed to the end of the tail leading to the clew, ie pointing the other way around.

What you actually have there is an outhaul with an overall 2:1 advantage (ie 2:1 x 1:2 x 2:1) but with all the extra friction of the blocks moving back and forth. What you will have if you re-rig the block in the boom is 8:1 (ie 2:1 x 2:1 x 2:1).