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@John1642 wrote:

If this sounds familiar then you need to release the bolt rope a bit. Undo the stitching at holding it into the sail at the tack, then with the head of the sail fixed somewhere stretch the luff out until you feel the end of the rope go up the sail by the required amount. Then re-stitch the end of the bolt rope to secure it in the new position.

And next time you order a new sail, ask your sail maker to use bungee as a bolt rope. It has worked for me over the past ten years. 🙂

I do not want a tight luff or as Mike Mac says: “look for those ‘speed’ wrinkles”. The only time I want a tight luff is when I pull the Cunningham. When a sail can’t be easily hoisted to the top black band with the boom on the goose neck, there is something wrong with the sail. Fix the problem!

A bungee as bolt rope in the sails foot is another clever idea, specially if the bungee is stitched to the sail at the clew only. The tack end of the bungee has a figure eight knot that I stick in front of the sail pin that goes through the tack cringle. With the right amount of tension, the bungee pulls the clew forward when I release the outhaul. It makes adjusting the clew so much easier.

BTW, sails from the better sail makers already have a few inches rope sticking out near the tack. It is not there for you to cut off, it is there so you can release the rope when it has shrunk after a few years and then re-stitch it using the few extra inches your sail maker cleverly provided.