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“Laid” rope will always have a tendency to try and twist when tension is applied and released. By allowing all your multiple purchase blocks to swivel you are actually allowing the rope to unlay itself under several hours of repeatedly applied tension, which is a bad thing.

The transom end is ok with a swivel, as the tail being led to your hand prevents it from turning a full circle, so the swivel performs its intended purpose of allowing the sheave to align in the direction you are pulling.

Wheat you need to prevent is the block at the boom end from swivelling. When you think about it there is never a valid need for it to swivel as it always operates in the same plane, relative to the other block. Shackle it directly to the boom eye so that it can swing but can’t swivel and your problem should disappear.

I don’t think in this instance you should lead the bitter end to the boom, as it would then have to cross (and potentially bind with) one of the other running parts. Leave it on the becket, just prevent the block from swivelling.