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Thanks for the replies Bob and Dave. My fixed eye is to the becket (?) on the single block on the boom so perhaps I could separate it as Swiebertje suggests. I can easily remove the swivel on the block on the traveller which will therefore be my first action. Can’t change the swivel on the boom block without changing the block so that will be a question of how much the problem bothers me (a six hour sail is a rarity to say the least).

I don’t think the mainsheet is particularly old but that could certainly be the cause of the same problem as this happens on my Lugger too (although that sheeting system is bizarre after a Wayfarer).

Bob, I’m not sure what you mean by
“Incidentally, you want to resist the tendency for the rope to twist rather than allow it. ” but I presume you are saying I should stop the cause of the problem rather than regularly untwsting it, as it won’t do the sheet any good.
Anyhow thanks for the replies. Need to go for another sail to test it all out.
cheers Dave