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Thanks for explaining the picture thing. Although I do usually preview my posts the photo bit has always been a bit of a mystery (not that its stopped me). An ealy effort that Dave might enjoy if he hasn’t seen it before is the aerial view of East Head and Itchenor reach in the link below.

Revisited your you tube video again and it is very enjoyable (good music choice, my wife loves that track). I’m trying to spend less time doing computer stuff (failing) but I can see my daughter going for that (however with my crew there would be some heavy editing to hide the normal mutinous mutterings)

Finally enclosing a shot of our Lugger at East Head. Just for a change I decided to dry out and beached her (3pm) two hours before low tide at 5.12pm (it was springs, hence the exposed flats you can see.) Crude expectations that tide would be back just after 7pm. Unfortunately/ fortunately the tide did not return until 10pm! Since this was 2 weeks ago we motored back to Itchenor in darkness. I have to confess we were not properly prepared for this but by the starlight and illuminated navigation marks we had the most exciting night adventure and the kids absolutley loved it. With appropriate preparation and care on a calm night I can really recommend it. Cheers all