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Nice one Dave. Kids look comfy! Shame the weather couldn’t be more obliging. East Head can be a (crowded) paradise.
We went to soggy Salcombe in Devon. Massive swell prevented any possibility of escaping out beyond the entrance to the “estuary” so we went to the little beaches opposite, (East Portlemouth) hardly a great distance but very scenic. Sea was freezing to swim in but at least we had a “low tide week” as high tides cover the beach and you would be seriously cramped if you could get on the beach at all. Kept the boat at Batson Creek (excellent) and although weather was generally rubbish, it was regatta week but still not too crowded. I guess had the sun come out……..
We then moved camp to a hill near Fowey Cornwall and had intentions there until a TV forecast of 60mph gusts forced the boring but wise decision to strike camp and stay at mother in laws…..having researched Mylor (Falmouth) on the basis of this forum I would like to have gone there but too far (?) from mother in law……..(another year with better weather I hope) 60_1160708_203_1.jpg
. Will illustrate Salcombe better with a couple more piks later (forgottoen how to do it)
cheers Dave