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I have a world and at the Ullswater Gathering a couple of weeks ago John (the very kind and helpful cruising secretary) kindly looked at the setup. It became apparent that the setup put on by Porter’s when I bought the boat was not optimised. We tweaked the spreaders (length and angle), altered the pin locations on the shroud plates (at the bottom) and also had to adjust the pin in the mast foot track. It’s final position was the aft hole. When I now step the mast I have to remove the pivot pin to get the mast foot back the final bit (as Colin suggests) but then the pin goes back in and sits freely. As a result I get a mast bend like I never had before. I suggest you contact John for the measurements as (as you have suggested) the world measurements differ slightly from those in the W Book. The chocks provide a limit to the bend.

She sailed much better afterwards. Good luck.