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The theory about spreaders makes sense. But I did check spreader length and deflection against the table on Selden/Proctor web site (http://www.seldenmast.co.uk/dinghy/tuning.asp?Class=Wayfarer) and everything seemed to be installed just in the middle of extremes. (I didn’t use the table from the WBook because I faintly remembered hearing somewhere that it doesn’t apply to World version, though I must admit not actually comparing the Selden and WBook data – should do it tonight).
But, looked from side of the boat, the shrouds on my boat seem to run almost in a perfectly straight line from the hounds to the hull (http://picasaweb.google.com/matopics/VarietyOfConditions/photo#5218536600164006546), so I still don’t see how they can force mast to bend…

Perhaps I am doing something wrong / making an error when taking a measurement or something…. It would be best if someone more experienced could check what I’m doing, hopefully there will be such an opportunity next week.

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