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Jane & I have not been part of the travelling Wayfarers for the last 4 years since getting married (there must be a lesson there somewhere!!) but doing the Nationals at Parkstone has rekindled our interest.

Like many we always did Falmouth week often at the expense of our own clubs Poole week because it was always so good.  In those days Robin & June Barker made tremendous efforts and kept the event at the top of our must do list.  I am confident that Liam and Sue will also do a great job and again make it a week to remember especially if its the Nationals combined with Falmouth Week. Its the extra aspect of a holiday week that made it so good as keen racers could take their families and the families also found lots to do.

Camping with many other wayfarers, barbeques, teas/drinks/prizegiving at each club after that days race (each club around Carrick Roads takes responsibility for one day’s race so there will be daily club prizes for the Wayfarer fleet in addition to the Wayfarer Nationals prizes).

As Robin said the year of the Nationals there was 75 Wayfarers plus a large cruising contingent that used the week as a cruising week (apart from some rebels that did the occassional race!).

With current numbers so low until hopefully the class re-establishes itself I think combining the Nationals with a regatta week and at a holiday resort so that the rest of the family can come is the best way forward.

So Liam & Sue you have our vote – ps mines a pint please!!

Falmouth week Nationals will help bring the fun back into Wayfaring IMHO

If its still the same I recommend getting a weekly pass for the Falmouth entertainment tent as they had great bands and dancing. Unfortunately its not too far for the Waldring lot to attend as IIRC they won the team prize last time.