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Colin Parkstone

I too would like to add my thanks to Parkstone Y.C for a good championships, myself and Sarah enjoyed the racing and meeting up with our friends and Martin 😀 again on and off the water.
My personal thanks too my mate Glynne Marples, I know how much work he did to make this week a success and I thank him loads.

Falmouth has been in the past a good venue for the Wayfarers, if your name is Pert that is!! and will be a great place again I hope,please do support this if it happens.

In fact, lets carry on supporting the class for as long as we can,my view is that the class will now go through a time of change,it has to happen to any class that carries the weight of age with it so as to be able to go on for another 50years.

Good sailing to you all,

CP 😀