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As an avid Captain Aubrey and Maturin fan, I have been exposed to an inordinate amount of nautical terminology. From futtock shrouds to the loblolly boy – I thought I’d heard them all.

But… (rot my vittles) I’ve never heard of rock pins and doggy screws.

What are they????

Shiver me timbers laddy!

A rock pin is a galvanized steel pin with a ring at the end. It is used to tie a line to and then slide it in some crevis behind a rock. It is very useful when cruising a rocky coast. The boat is moored between such a pin (ashore) and an anchor (in the water). The Swedes and Danes commonly use this method at the (rocky) Swedish West coast.

A dog screw is available for a just a few quid in an animal shop. Normally they are used to attach a dog line to so a dog can play on a lawn in a limited circle. They are cheap and can be used as reliable mooring pins in soft grounds. They are also useful in the dingy park to secure a boat on its trolley before the Autumn gales and storms. Two lines connect the shrouds with these screws and prevent the boat from being blown of its trolley.