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Bob Harland

The racing people will fit chocks forward of the mast – between the foredeck and mast, this is to limit the bend of the mast. There will still be a gap with the chock in place. Laterally the fit at the foredeck is usually snug, more recent masts had a collar to achieve this, as I recall older masts did not.
The main thing is the stop (mast step pin) at the base of the mast support – usually adjustable in a track. This is aft of the mast heel it self, and the kicker works against this stop and your deck level chocks to control the bend in the mast.

You might want to refer to the tuning setup guide on;
– this talks about the pivot pin and the mast step pin and how to get them right.

So it’s really the shrouds, jib halyard/forestay and mast step pin that dictate where the mast sits.
The deck level chocks and kicker will then control mast bend. The chocks only limit the mast bend at deck level. You will need some input from a racing person for more detail on using the deck level chocks. We had some with our boat made from perspex, timber might be better (it floats, not sure about perspex!). The shape is a sort of fat stemmed T, so they don’t drop down. For cruising and club racing you don’t need them.

You might want to buy the Wayfarer Book, available on CD from the secretary;
The book covers a lot of this stuff.

thanks for the tip on the R clips