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… I have also rashly agreed to take her parents sailing in Poole!…We definitely need an outboard to get out through the Poole Harbour heads and our first target will be to sail to Studland….

There is plenty of excellent sailing to be done within Poole Harbour. Where you can go in the harbour will be limited if the tide is low – check the depth of water using the tide heights and a chart of the area. Poole harbour has a small tidal range, with a double high tide. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/coast/tides/south.shtml . The Harbour Authority website is here http://www.phc.co.uk/ .

Some possible destinations include:
– near the (disused) Pottery Pier on the West end of Browsea Island (take NT card or money for the landing fee if landing on Brownsea)
– around Shipstal Point on the Arne peninsular
– Harbour side of Studland peninsular
See a diagram of the harbour here http://www.phc.co.uk/guide.htm . Danforth anchors work well in the harbour.

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7 Handheld VHF radio

You would need to have completed a VHF DSC training course and obtained your Short Range Certificate for this.