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@charles-f wrote:

5 Outboard. Plenty of people (including Frank and Margaret Dye) choose not to have one and carry oars instead.

Those “oar, no motor” purists always seem to carry a long tow rope…..
Now that I have mentioned a tow rope, isn’t that something that should be on everyone’s short list?

Other items I carry depending on the type of cruise are:
(Only items that were not mentioned by others and not in any particular order)

– 1 Rock pin
– 2 Dog screws
– GPS (actually its a portable GPS/VHF-DSC that allows me to press a red distress button. It then automatically transmits my position through DSC).
– 2 boat rollers (double as fenders).
– 1 Kerosene Lantern for night sailing or anchor light or for inside the boat tent (Any other form of navigational lighting will do just as well).
– 2 small beach chairs (to keep the crew happy)
– Neoprene kuchens (also to keep the crew happy), they double as fenders.
– Mast top or sail top flotation device.
– Boom lift (helps to keep the tiller clear for motoring)
– Liquor stash (for medicinal purposes only, obviously!)
– Divers knife attached to the boat. (The type that is also capable of opening shackles)
– Waterproof container(s) to keep valuables. Tied to the boat by a small string. (also a small waterproof container for the wallet, phone and glasses to take ashore).
– Bucket (to bail the boat, clean the boat or provide relief for the crew^h^h^h^h^h^h to keep the crew happy).
– 3 mooring lines
– 3 Extra large cleats, one on the tabernacle, two on the rear bulkhead, just above the benches. The rear two double as fairleads for a try sail’s sheets. The try sail is my genoa (that has a bolt rope).