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Janet, Let me join with my esteemed wooden boat owner friend from Norfolk in welcoming you to the joys of wooden boat owning. Not for you the boredom of sitting at home watching the tv. Now you can look forward to tweaking and messing about and more often than not just looking and admiring your handiwork.
W182 may not have a measurement certificate. Check that 182 is carved into the inside of the transom above the rear tank. Then look for a builders plate usually on the front of the rear tank. You will be lucky to find the builders plate if your boat hasn’t been seriously raced. Of the two the carved number is the most important because then you know what your boat number is. Sails can be changed between boats. If you join a wayfarer cruise you will not be asked for a measurement certificate but your boat will get a covert looking over.
Ullswater holiday week is coming up in August. Why not try to get there? You will see lots and lots of wayfarers there and will have lots of “experts” to give you advice. Even going for a weekend is worth it, just bring a camera to record all the bits and bobs that look interesting.
It took me over 30 years to name my boat (You don’t have to rush these things) so you have plenty of time.