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I can see Anglesey from Llandudno…. does that count. 😀 Croeso….

I believe there are a couple of Wayfarers in PD & I sail a MK2 out of Llandudno SC so you are more than welcome to come and take a peak any time you like.

Sarah Burgess, the UKWA Secretary, might be able to help out on the measurement certificate assuming that is the boat has previously been measured… Mine hasn’t but I only sail locally so no problem. The important point is that the buoyancy is checked.

Dickies in Bangor & Firmhelm in Pwllheli have a good stock of bits but are a bit expensive.

There are several general on-line chandlers & to name but a couple and some really good Wayfarer specialists like John Parker Boats. I have bought several ‘lots’ from John and he has always been very helpful.