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I would recommend you go down the SP route, they have a very good system of 3 coatings for your needs. If you call them I’m sure they will be more than happy to give you application information. From my experience I would opt for the following:

2 coats of Eposeal 300, this is like water and will soak deep into the ply.
3 coats SP320, the 2nd and 3rd coat can be applied before full curing to save time on rubbing down. This will fill the grain up and give maximum protection.
2-3 coats of SP2000 ultravar for the UV protection.

When putting all of these products together you need to adhere to their instructions carefully, the eposeal and the SP2000 are solvent based and the 320 is solvent free, therefore after you have applied the eposeal you need to make sure that all of the solvent has evaporated (usually about 60hrs in a warm environment).
After putting the 320 on you should wet n dry sand the waxy top off and let it dry for about 24hrs then apply the SP2000, again multiple coats can be applied without sanding, however it is best to sand down before the last coat to get the best finish.
As with any information like this it is always best to check the manufacturers instructions in full before purchasing.