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Colin Parkstone

Why would you want to not encourage people to look after there boats and take an interest in the rules that govern them??
The rules include a safety factor in them which may possibly be more relevent to a worn out boat than others??

I am not a person who likes to sail a good race or series of races only to find that it is all taken away from you for a rule infringemant when by having boats measured and corrected before a series you all know that the boats sailing are the same within the rules of the class.

Now you may say that the boat should have been ok before you entered but I can tell from experience that with all the good will and hard work done ,we can all get it wrong!

As for the back end of the fleet,is it fair for someone who has a properly measured and maintained boat to be beaten for whatever prises maybe up for grabs,which is something that has been suggested would help the open meeting fleets by some one who cannot be bothered to have a go at keeping there boat within the rules of this class.

I can say that our rules are not that hard to keep within compared with other strongly raced classes and when you have done all the work you will find not much changes.

CP 🙂