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Thanks Dave!

This looks very neat! All the time I’ve been wondering why did you put that block up instead of below the cleat, but now I get it – it’s more tidy this way, less rope cluttering the boat…

Something more related to original subject of the thread:
Did you know that Marlow recommends that “Matching sheave profiles and diameters to ropes is essential… As an aid the following guidelines can be used:
sheave diameter should be
8 times rope diameter for braided ropes
10 times rope diameter for 3 strand and plaited ropes”

Hmmm… this would lead to a conclusion that we should use cca 60mm blocks for our mainsheets…. Does anyone actually use such big blocks in Wayfarer? My boat came with 40mm and I never felt it was a problem, but then sometimes you can’t know how much better can something be before you actually give it a try…

And another question: could someone please explain what is actually the difference between braided and plaited rope? I looked it up in a dictionary and wikipedia but the difference wasn’t clear enough.

Thanks + best regards,