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I didn’t pull on the forestay, but it required a very hard push on the lever from almost kneeling under it… I thought it was supposed to be that way…


Thanks for your hint. But there is another reason it might be a good thing to replace this halyard – I have made this one myself with a hand swager and I don’t know if it is equally reliable as a professionaly made one…

By the way, getting into DIY swaging was an ordeal of itself. To cut the long story short: I found that it should be done in reverse order – first find the ferrules that you regard as appropriate, then get the swager from the same manufacturer or at least have the ferrule manufacturer recommend the swager. It seems that these things do not conform to a certain standard.

I have tried five different ferrules, and the best looking results were with Ormiston plain copper ones. Unfortunately I got the swager beforehand from another manufacturer (I wasn’t aware at the time of purchase that they make only aluminium ferrules wich are regarded as inappropirate for marine use), so it is not a perfect match.

Thanks to both of you + best regards,