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One thing I do not like about the plastic ball rope stoppers is that if they ever reach the floorboards and you stand on them they hurt like H..L but also act as a large ball bearing under your foot and send you ” Transom over Bow ” out of the boat or into a hard object.
Dont Use Them Myself if I can stand on them in any way.
CP 🙂

You have a point Collin. I have them looped through the rope purchase to avoid exactly what you mention. Other then that I fail to see how this construction helps me to adjust them fast and easy. 😕 Until now I untied the knot at the end (in the plastic ball) and re-tied it to adjust. I have also tried to just pull the plastic stopper. The rope then jams more or less in itself but after a while it loosens again. So, that can’t be the intended use, or? 😕

I am considering servo cleats on the bulkhead instead so I can re-adjust even while sailing with a flick of the rope. 😀 Any better suggestions?

‘Tis difficult to come up with a simple way of adjusting toe strap length without any risk of it slipping under load, which is partly why I posted the question in the first place!

Many thanks for the comprehensive replies and help guys. I think I will go with a similar setup to Swiebertje. I’ve already fixed mine under the thwart where previously they could slide and that has made things much better.