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Kathy and I thoroughly enjoyed attending our second Wayfarer open meeting, it really was a great weekend. Thanks to John and everyone at the club. We must get the report and some photos onto club@yachtsandyachting.com.

While others were impressed by our shiny Hartley, Kathy was more impressed by the shiny motorhomes on display. Wayfarer sailing may prove to be more expensive than I thought.

Wayfarer sailors don’t seem to be very numerate and I note that they are varying reports on the number of boats at WOSC. I counted 25!

For the record the first six places at this event were;
1. Woodie
2. Woodie
3. Plus S (although someone told me that Colin’s boat was a ‘hybrid’)
4. Woodie
5. Hartley
6. Hartley.

Incidentally, I thought that the standard of sailing at the front of the fleet was extremely high!