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Hi Matt
Thanks for the details…….sounds like a great sail…..not that I’m up to that …..as for the lifelines it was as much a link into my paddle and the lengths we go to for some fun when conditions are against us ……..the only time I have thought they might be a good idea is on a long open sea moderate sail where fatigue might come into play and you drop out and for some reason the boat sails off into the distance…..(I realise it should turn head to wind but if the mainsheet got snagged)……..anyhow roll on summer.
2 unrelated questions (apologies)….does anyone use thigh waders for launching and keeping dry at the start of the summer sailing season? sailing in a wetsuit is fine but unneccessary for my family sailing picnics and I’m not into winter sailing kit
secondly having read about the tri-sail (Ken Jensen) elsewhere does anyone currently use one (albeit very rarely?) or does a second ?third reef equate (again no plans to put this into practice with or without family!)
cheers Dave