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I attended the A.G.M.and intended to ask to folling,but the subject ran out of time(When ordering new sails do racers specify”they must be stretched and bagy like my old ones”) or do they go for advances in cloth ect.
I also bought the April Dinghy Sailing Magazine Page 74 “Are There Too Many Classes”Seems to conclud a class either develops or dies.
Page 78 Compares a “W” to A Comet Trio> It does not make it clear if the Trio Is a development of the Comet But If It Is ? Its equal If not ahead of a “W”.
One of the claims of the racers was (If the “W” is developed the class will die)((Other developed classes were quoted)) The “W”is different,It also lays claim to being a great crusing boat so if a development of a out and out racer appered the second hand marked for cruisers would be enormous.